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25 Tips for a Successful Zoom or Skype Interview

There are tons of articles that teach job seekers how to prepare for an interview. Surrealistic and blocking questions from recruiters, twisted answers from candidates, tricky scenarios complete the menu.

Due to the pandemic context, interviews will now more than ever focus on a virtual approach. This is not a bad thing, as some of the companies have used this technique in the past and it has proven to be efficient.

Do you feel you could have done better in a Zoom or Skype interview? If so, you should remember this next time:

1. Research the hiring company before the interview.

2. Familiarize yourself with information about the vacancy.

3. Consider whether you really want to join their team or company.

4. Make interview preparations as you would do for a face to face interview.

5. Test your webcam, headphones and video conferencing app for technical issues.

6. Know the specifics of the Zoom or Skype platform.

7. Double-check the date and time of the interview.

8. Enter the Zoom “meeting room” only 2-3 minutes before the interview to avoid interfering with another conversation.

9. Mute notifications from other devices and applications.

10. You need a quiet and distraction-free place.

11. Remember to have a neutral or professional background behind you.

12. Look into the camera when you speak and at the screen while the interviewer is speaking

13. Speak clearly and slowly.

14. Body language can also be analysed in a video interview, so be careful not to show any signs of stress or anxiety.

15. Dress according to the job you aim for.

16. Prepare at least 3 questions to ask the interviewer.

17. Ask for clarification if you cannot hear a question clearly due to the performance of the app.

18. Do not drink, smoke or eat during the discussion.

19. Do not chew gum.

20. Do not behave familiarly towards the interviewer.

21. Do not make jokes that could be interpreted as offensive.

22. Do not give too much information about your personal, religious and intimate life.

23. Do not curse.

24. Do not project your anger on your former job/boss/colleagues.

25. Send the same day a thank you note after the Zoom or Skype interview.

Video interviews and meetings are part of our new reality. I hope my tips will help you ace the Zoom or Skype interview next time.

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