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2 Important Questions That Most Candidates Forget to Ask in an Interview

Good preparation for your interview is crucial if you want to impress the potential employer. You will have the opportunity to show how you can add value to the company and land the job. Do as much research as possible about the employer and the open role before the interview. This will show that you take this application and this opportunity seriously.

At the end of each interview, you have the opportunity to ask questions. Use these to find out more about details that were not mentioned during the interview. If you want to show the interviewer that you are ambitious and motivated, you need to ask questions other than the standard ones.

Here are 2 non-standard questions you can ask recruiters or hiring managers:

1. What qualities are you looking for in the person you want to hire?

  • This answer requires an inside view of the open role: tasks, team or challenges. Some generic qualities have already been mentioned in job advertisements.

  • This question asks for spontaneous feedback and allows you to better understand the open role and its background. You will have a better image of what the potential employer is looking for.

  • If you consider yourself suitable, you can assure the interviewer that you tick the most important boxes.

  • You will be surprised to find that there are special requirements for this role that were not mentioned in the job advertisement. Therefore, this question is important.

2. Is there anything you have seen in other candidates for this role that you have not seen in me?

  • This question will also impress unless the recruiter or hiring manager is unwilling to disclose this information as confidential.

  • This question will also provide you with spontaneous feedback on your performance to date. You can improve next time, so this question is crucial. In many cases, job seekers end up with no feedback at all and have no idea how to improve their job search.

  • Remember that the recruiter or hiring manager is not obliged to answer this question, so you may not get the answer you want. Nevertheless, it is worth a try.

Good luck and may you ace your job interview!

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