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Working Remotely or Not?

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Working in a virtual team is no longer an issue. Many people dream of working from home, keeping an eye on their children or pets and enjoying the breaks together with their loved ones... because friends are probably at work... somewhere in an office.

I have gathered some impressions of the freelancers I’ve met so far, especially IT specialists, but also from other industries, like recruitment or healthcare.

Negative aspects mentioned:

  • You only meet people virtually.

  • You won’t understand the “on-site” stories and jokes.

  • You can't get answers and things done as quickly as in an office.

  • You probably won't be invited to team events or company parties.

  • The employer is constantly afraid that you are wasting working time and will find new measures to control this.

Positive aspects mentioned:

  • You can choose your workplace and schedule (the last one with some limitations).

  • You don't have to spend time preparing for work (e.g. clothes, ironing, make-up, quick breakfast, etc.).

  • Your productivity will be much higher.

  • You concentrate 100% on your task without unnecessary breaks (e.g. waiting for the end of the debate about weddings, exotic vacations, cars, etc.) and that means saving time.

  • Colleagues will not bother you with useless questions about your everyday life, your family or whatever they are curious about.

  • You would probably catch fewer colds in winter because you don't have to sit next to sick colleagues.

  • You will expand your boundaries and learn many new things about yourself.

FOCUS RECRUITMENT believes that remote work has many advantages for both companies and freelancers. There is a new mindset, especially in the tech business and managers tend to trust more and more their employees to work from the comfort of their own homes. We need to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the modern labor market and the technologies that make our work much easier and more exciting.

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