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Job Suggestions for People with Disabilities

People with disabilities are much easier to integrate into a team today than they used to be. Attitudes towards this category have changed in recent decades and workplaces have also evolved. Of course, finding the right job is a struggle in itself, but you need a lot of time and patience.

Here are some job suggestions for people with disabilities:

  • Writers can work in different areas such as news writing, blogging, marketing content, web articles, etc.

  • Painters or Photographers can work in many fields like marketing, advertisement or event planning.

  • Actors with physical and mental disabilities can work for the film and television industry.

  • HR Specialists recruit, screen and interview job applicants.

  • Sales Associates encourage anyone who walks through the company's doors to buy their goods.

  • Software Developers are responsible for programming, maintaining, testing and debugging software.

  • Web Designers create a website design for products or services.

  • Graphic Designers produce animated images for products, services, television or publications.

  • Accountants prepare, review and document asset, capital and liability and they offer accounting advice on cost-saving strategies.

  • Financial Analysts improve a company’s financial status by analyzing the firm’s finances and outlining potential investment methods.

  • Data Scientists translate data into information to improve efficiency or revenue.

  • Market Research Specialists research specific local areas to gather data on consumer preferences and opinions.

  • Digital Marketers plan and conduct various digital marketing campaigns to create a brand, product or service awareness.

  • Administrative Assistants distribute the information to the entire office.

  • Customer Service Representatives or Call Center Operators helping with complaints and answering client’s questions.

  • Receptionists greet visitors, answer the phone and refer guests to certain locations.

  • Paralegals work as attorney’s assistants.

  • Handcrafting is also suitable for this category of people.

People with disabilities should not condemn themselves to pity, but try to get out there and get one of those jobs. Like many other job seekers, people with disabilities should highlight their transferable skills and convince potential employers that they are a good choice.

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