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Why Do Some Employees Skip Vacations?

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

I wrote in a previous article about the importance of work breaks. Vacations can restore your health system, reduce stress, give you a fresh perspective on your work, even your life, and create new memories and exciting experiences. It is wise to take more vacations during a year than just one long vacation.

There are still people who decide not to go on vacation and here are some of the possible reasons:

  • You don’t have money due to another necessary investment.

  • You are afraid of the workload that will pile up while you are on vacation.

  • You think that a break will limit your “efforts” for promotion

  • You fear that you will miss important company events.

  • You think that your boss needs you there without a break.

  • Your competition never takes time off

  • You fear that your boss may decide that you are not as important to the company as you thought.

  • You are worried that you may be dismissed because your vacation is seen as a lack of loyalty.

  • You don't have money to spend on a fancy holiday resort and you don't want to spend your holiday indoors.

  • Work keeps you in focus after a severe loss.

  • You take care of a sick family member and the work comes as a “break”.

  • If you are an entrepreneur, your company needs your full attention in the first few years.

Every company culture should promote a work-life balance. Management should require employees to use their paid leave, even if they are essential to the projects. Actually, people who have balanced lives, struggle harder and more effective for their goals.

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