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What Freelancers Really Hate

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Freelancers are not tied to a desk 8 hours a day, they can work comfortably from home, at night or even travel. Doesn't that sound great? Yes, it's great as long as the sun shines and challenges are considered part of the business.

If you think of freelancers as people working on a fancy beach from their laptop, it means you don't know what freelancing is about. Working on the beach is almost impossible because the sun glares on the screen and the sand invades the keyboard.

There are many industries in which a freelance activity is suitable:

  • IT and software development

  • Accounting and finance

  • Project management

  • Real estate

  • Customer services

  • Recruitment

  • Marketing

  • Consultancy

  • Medical and health

  • Writing

If you are a freelancer, you have surely encountered one or more of the following situations that you hate:

  • People don't understand your working style and think you don't have a real job.

  • People expect you to be available 24/7.

  • The client asks repeatedly why your fee is so high compared to your competitors.

  • You have deadlines like “yesterday”.

  • People are ghosting you.

  • Clients don’t really know what they want.

  • The client postpones your payment.

  • The client promises to pay you when the company receives the money.

  • The client claims not to have received the invoice by email.

  • The client wants you to start the project all over again.

  • The client gives vague or false feedback.

If you are an employee and want to start your freelance career, I advise you to understand this type of work with its good and bad sides. Behind all the bad scenarios I've already mentioned, your success story can rise.

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