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Template Resume vs. Creative Resume

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Template resumes are widespread and an easy choice for any job seeker. They provide a good overview, look professional and are simplistic to fill out. A really good help? You’re right, but so are the other 20-30 job seekers who are applying for the same role as you, with the similar resume template. Instead of doing this, try to be creative and by that, I don't mean that you write in Latin or Ancient Greek, but create the resume in an authentic style, that will be hard to forget.

What both resumes types have in common are some mandatory categories such as personal data, attended studies, certifications, work experience or acquired skills. The difference lies in the style used. It takes time and a little bit of creativity to write a unique resume, but it’s not impossible. Applying with a creative resume increases your chances of being invited for an interview.

The resume is the first impression you make on a recruiter or future employer. So, try to be different from other applicants. We live in a world with so much diversity and noise: Let the recruiter or hiring manager pick you up from the crowd. An original resume will quickly attract attention and lead you to the next recruitment step, the interview.

Recruiters and hiring managers will always keep in mind authentic resumes. There are more and more of this kind of resumes out there, so job seekers tend to understand the high importance of creative forms and make efforts to change their mind about the template resumes. Recruiters will praise the efforts in designing an unique resume and keep this in mind as they talk to you.

I would advise you, if you lack inspiration, to start with a template and then adapt it to your own style. Try to stick to professional resume design and don't use “rainbow” effects to attract attention. Too much doesn't necessarily mean better!

Good luck with applying for your dream job and do not hesitate to contact FOCUS RECRUITMENT for more advice regarding the perfect resume.

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