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3 Resume Tips You Haven’t Heard Before

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

A well-written resume is a key being noticed by potential employers. This means you have to stand out from the crowd, which is easier said than done. On average, recruiters and hiring managers spent between 7-10 seconds reviewing your resume before considering your application.

Here are some guidelines that will help your resume impress within 7 seconds:

1. Capture the recruiter’s attention with the Core Competencies and Achievements section.

This part of your resume is the first one to be read. Use your performance reviews to stand out. Think of the positive feedback you have received in recent years, and it will help you identify the impact on others. Include goals and successes you have achieved.

If you have worked with well-known companies and customers, it is also an advantage to mention these achievements. This is not seen as bravery, but as an experience from which big players got value.

2. Avoid the keywords stuffing.

It's tempting to include all the keywords of your industry in your resume, but if they are discovered, it will be rejected and, believe me, it’s not hard to spot. You should also keep in mind that the ATS (Application Tracking System) checks the resumes for a closer match and too many keywords won't help you.

What I recommend is to include several skills and responsibilities from the job description. This will make you better suited to the role and the individualization of your application will be seen as a sign of interest for the role and the potential employer.

3. Do not include generic soft skills.

This is a section in a resume where many job seekers are not creative at all and rely on general descriptions:

  • Stress resistant

  • Motivated

  • Hard-working

  • Loyal

  • Proactive

  • Detail-oriented

Most job seekers have these skills and this will not distinguish them from other job applicants. Focus on specific soft skills and offer examples, such as:

  • Communication (It’s an advantage when interacting with colleagues and clients.)

  • Positive attitude and initiative (These show commitment and efficiency.)

  • Leadership (It involves communication, problem-solving, negotiation, conflict resolution, self-motivation and motivation of others.)

  • Teamwork (It takes intuition, time management and interpersonal skills.)

  • Flexibility (This includes the willingness to acquire new skills.)

Improve your resume with these 3 tips and you will see the difference. I wish all job seekers out there good luck.

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