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Resumes That Are Unlikely to Impress Recruiters

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

A well-written CV will leave a good impression on recruiters or potential employers and will have a huge impact on the way you look for a job. There are many free templates for resumes and CVs online and that makes it easier for you to create your own.

After long discussions with other recruiters, I have compiled a list of facts in a resume that are unlikely to impress recruiters:

  • Personal details: These is necessary information for recruiters and hiring managers to contact you. Dedicate just a small place to this section, as not all links to online profiles are decisive. Keep only the relevant data.

  • Photo: Believe it or not, people judge by appearance and as we know, this is a subjective perception. If the industry doesn't require it, I recommend not adding a photo to a resume.

  • Awards or achievements without proof: This aspect is not necessarily identified in this recruitment step, but the interview will certainly reveal that the awards or achievements are fake.

  • Fancy fonts: Font style and size are dependent on your preferences, but there are still some limitations. You should only choose a font that is easy to read and change the size in descending order from the name, heading to the bullets.

  • Previous salary information: No one cares about this information and will not rely on it when creating a job offer.

  • Hobbies: People can react differently to certain hobbies that they don't share or understand, so think twice before including them.

What recruiters hate most in resumes are:

  • Lies: Faking your resume, faking your career means faking your life. If you don't get a job, the other one is just around the corner if you look in the right place.

  • Spelling mistakes: Check your resume and emails before sending an application and check them online for grammar mistakes.

For more tips on a perfect resume, do not hesitate to contact FOCUS RECRUITMENT.

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