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Does Your Company Regard You as a High-Potential Employee?

High-potential employees are those high-performing individuals who are intelligent, agile and talented. They have a higher chance of success in their job, are seen as role models by the employer and influence the future of the business as a whole. Executives should tell employees that they are considered top performers, otherwise, they will never experience it, or worse, there will be some "self-proclaimed" top performers. Reality shows that not all talent management pays attention to this aspect.

So, whether the managers tell you or not, there are some signs that you are a top performer:

  • You receive challenging tasks.

o You get to work in quality projects and colleagues want you in their teams. You are seen as an example because of the way you think, solve problems and interact with others.

o High performers are never given a role that doesn't allow them to develop. Offering challenging projects is a sign that the company appreciates your competence and growth. You will be moved in teams struggling to master challenges you are familiar with. Management sees you as the solution to the dilemma.

  • Colleagues are looking for your opinion.

o Another sign that you are a high-potential employee is that your colleagues seek your opinion and care about what you think.

o You are encouraged to express yourself and thereby gain access to insights into the company. This means that you have access to the management team, and that is a high assessment criterion.

  • The company invests in you.

o You are nominated for additional training and this means the organization sees potential in you and wants to improve certain areas of your expertise. You are given a coach/mentor or take part in some other special internal programs.

o If the people selected for training have more experience than you, this is a sign that the company has plans for your professional development.

  • Your leader provides pertinent feedback.

o Constructive feedback from your supervisor is a good sign that your efforts are being noticed, although there is still room for improvement.

o If the feedback is too positive, it is a sign that your employer is avoiding conflict with you. If the feedback is too negative, then it's time to look for a new job.

I hope that my guidelines will help you understand whether your employer considers you as a high potential.

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