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How to Deal with a Bad Day at Work

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Everyone knows that the workplace is not about sugar and honey every day. Rainy days are also part of the scenario. People react differently to stress or anxiety situations and over time develop a mechanism to respond effectively to these problems and manage their personal and professional health.

I recently met a seriously ill 16-year-old girl in a hospital. I was talking to another patient about the bad day I had, with annoying clients and candidates… She approached me and explained what a bad day meant to her. This is a pretty hard life lesson, but it’s also the key to overcoming a bad day at work.

What does an argument with a colleague mean compared to a much worse case or phase in your life? It’s zero. Nothing. Let's be honest: a bad working day does not mean a bad life. You should realize that everything is temporary, you should stay true to yourself and not try to work according to someone else's career path. Despite many disappointments and setbacks, people go on with their lives. Born pessimists are always surprised that the sun shines after every rainy day.

Always remember that your anchor is not your workplace, but your life. Work is the way you pay your bills and can afford to buy necessary or unnecessary things at a certain point in your life. Cherish what you have, explain to others who you are and ignore your colleagues who have a bad working day and try to make you feel the same.

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