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Do You Ask Your Colleagues How They’re Doing?

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Our life revolves around socializing with family, friends and colleagues. It's what makes us tick. Employees feel that they belong to the working environment, they are accepted, valued and motivated to achieve their goals.

A simple question like "How are you?" is the easiest way to connect with colleagues. The answer is not for criticism, but a good way to interact and learn interesting information about co-workers. If you disagree with a statement, you can always ask for clarification, like “I want to hear more about it” or “Your opinion seems interesting and new to me”. People like to discuss work-related topics, hobbies and life in all its aspects.

Seeking to connect shows that you are willing to trust your colleague and is in many cases a sign of friendship. I have met many people who claim that their office colleagues are their best friends and the workplace their second home.

Of course, people have certain preferences when it comes to communication: Some talk, others chat online and others don't get involved at all. This last category excludes itself from the workplace experience and is strongly focused on exceeding the expectations of one's own person or management. They feel emotionally isolated in the office environment.

It is true that some people do not feel they belong to a particular workplace. They feel better at home or outside the office. Managers can improve this process by reaching out to their employees in order to know them better and this gives people a sense of belonging, which automatically leads to a higher retention rate in the company.

A workplace means connecting with others, being happy, productive and efficient. So, don't underestimate the power of the simple and small social question "How are you doing".

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