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A Small List of 50 Major CV Mistakes

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

A well-written CV makes a good impression on recruiters or potential employers and has a huge impact on the way you look for a job. Crafting an effective job application takes time and dedication. Quite often, great candidates fail in their job search by making mistakes in their CV.

I have compiled a list of 50 pitfalls:

1. Spelling mistakes

2. Grammar errors

3. Inserting a photo

4. A small text size

5. A strange text font

6. Use of several font types

7. Section titles are not head-lighted

8. Use of simplistic terminology

9. Word repetition

10. Overuse of the personal pronoun “I”

11. Writing in the third person about oneself

12. Messy page transition

13. Crazy CV background

14. Large unbroken paragraphs

15. Unclear delimitation of CV sections

16. Using images or logos

17. Not adding all contact details

18. Including your nickname/alias

19. Ridiculous email address

20. Ridiculous Skype ID

21. Entering a wrong phone number

22. Missing adaptation of your application

23. Missing summary section

24. Ridiculous summary section

25. Not including the education section

26. Lies about the education

27. Lack of evidence of your skills, performance or experiences

28. Too many details in irrelevant roles

29. Exaggerated claims, like “The best IT Recruiter in Eastern Europe”

30. No information about the job responsibilities and duties

31. Focus on duties and not on performance

32. Lies about job responsibilities and duties

33. Skills graphs

34. The CV does not contain the keywords from the job description/ad

35. Including salary details

36. Including expected salary

37. Writing the reasons for leaving any former job

38. Ignoring CV gaps

39. Not explaining CV gaps

40. Using cliches

41. Having no explanation for the frequent phases of unemployment

42. Job hopping

43. Strange hobbies

44. Including reference details

45. A too short CV (half a page)

46. A too long CV (15 pages)

47. Sending the CV in a non-editable form

48. Sending the CV in an illegible form

49. Hilarious CV file naming

50. Not double-checking your CV before sending it

Improve your resume on an up-to-date basis and let your application stand out from the crowd.

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