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6 Resume Dos and Don’ts

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

The resume is the first impression you make on a recruiter or future employer. So, think about writing to impress the targeted audience and get the interview and job you dream of.

This time I will give you some tips so that your resume is not ignored. Note the following mistakes, which can occur frequently.

  • Grammatical imperfection: Check all your spelling mistakes, even if you have checked them with the automatic spelling-check, which can correct your grammatical error, but also change the meaning of the word.

  • Don’t include your picture only if the industry requires it: Are you looking for an actor or modelling career? Then you should include your photo. Otherwise, you will only give recruiters the opportunity to over-analyse your looks and increase your chances of being discriminated against.

  • Choose the length wisely: Depending on your expertise and industry, try to be brief. Some recruiters have difficulties in analyzing resumes that have more than 2 pages. I don’t have that issue, because I read resumes from IT freelancers and these documents have more than 10 pages.

  • Links to your online profiles: It is a known fact that recruiters check the online profiles of candidates. You can include the URL to your LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook accounts in your resume, in order to prevent recruiters from confusing you with someone else and label you the wrong way.

  • Take a second thought about the hobbies you mention: Collecting dolls, rocks or coins would definitely not recommend you for the role.

  • Childish mistakes regarding your email and Skype ID: Choose an appropriate email address and Skype ID. I and other recruiters would definitely not want to talk to “mad_dog@...” or to “batman_superman@...”.

Want to find out more about the perfect resume?

Follow our weekly posts on this blog or get in touch with one of our experts here at FOCUS RECRUITMENT and we will help you build up an unbeatable resume.

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