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5 Ways You Waste Your Time at Work

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Working means being productive in every professional aspect. We all know that productivity is actually a measure of efficiency. Employers should stick on their task, try to get results with normal effort and thus achieve their goals. It is not a matter of keeping track of an endless list of tasks, but of being able to accomplish everything in the given time or, much better, to be ahead of schedule.

On the contrary, I would like to present 5 ways many employees waste time at work:

1. You complain about everything.

We all know this typology, the person who realizes that the root of all problems lies in the surrounding world. It's always the co-workers or the boss - if not, it's the rainy/snowy weather outside. The solution is to look for the real reason for the problem, not to fake it.

2. You don’t prioritize your tasks.

A chaotic way of working is one of the biggest enemies of efficiency. Instead of doing one or two things right, you try to do 10 and never see their completion. It is also a big source of stress and frustration, so it’s time to stop doing unimportant things and focus only on what is really important.

3. You are afraid.

Anxiety is another issue that occurs in workplaces, whether you are afraid of your own performance or the attitudes of co-workers or bosses. Leaving the comfort zone could be a good plan to be successful and try new things.

4. You repeat your mistakes.

People are not machines and we all make mistakes, but if we don't learn from these disappointments, it's the biggest mistake of all. A wrong repetition will keep you in place and progress is just too far away.

5. You strive for perfection.

Nobody is perfect and accepting this can change the way you work or live. Try to do your best to achieve your goals, always improve yourself and stop comparing yourself to someone else's career, because paths are not always similar. The hunt for perfection is like the hunt for ghosts.

You should make productivity a habit and eliminate factors and behaviors that waste valuable time so that you can achieve much more in your professional and private life.

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