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5 Ways to Be Socially Smart at Work

There will always be colleagues who are smarter or better than you, and that means you have to do your best to connect with other people. Learning from your successes and failures is what makes you socially intelligent, even at work.

Here are 5 ways to be socially smart at work:

1. A strong network is the best problem-solver.

People understand that building their own network means supporting other colleagues. You can only see that by helping people move their needles, you also move forward. Friendships at work can make the job more enjoyable and people tend to stay close when it comes to opportunities to grow as individuals.

2. Be humble.

Admit that you learn from your mistakes. This will prove to the team that you want to improve yourself and how you approach the work. People like to be around those who are open-minded and capable of learning.

3. Be kind and respectful.

One of the secrets of being socially smart is to show respect to all people, be it the colleague in the elevator, someone serving you coffee or a stranger holding you the door. A small detail, such as “thank you” or a smile, will attract the other person's attention.

4. Humor can bring people together.

A good joke can make colleagues feel comfortable and brighten their day. Humor can develop relationships, can help you close a deal and is seen as a sign of confidence. Used in excess, the effect will be reversed, because office clowns are not appreciated at all.

5. Listen more than you speak.

A good listener is always appreciated at work. If you want people to like you, pay attention to their needs and stories. Ask about their work performance and their lives in general. You will be surprised at how listening to others improves your way of building relationships.

There's no reason why your colleagues shouldn't appreciate you. Be socially smart at work and use every opportunity to develop your interpersonal skills.

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