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5 Career Mistakes to Avoid

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

We all dream of having a great career, but sometimes life is not so grateful. My career path is not as inspiring as others may think, but I have learned some valuable lessons along the way. My mistakes made me a competitive professional, and it's time to share values and inspire others, be they job seekers or young entrepreneurs.

Here are 5 career mistakes to keep away from:

1. You follow someone else’s career path.

You don’t have to report yourself to co-workers, relatives or friends. Everyone chooses his/her own career path and shapes it according to his/her personality and professional goals. No two careers are identical in this world.

2. You fear insecurity and risks.

I’ve been there and done that — and trust me, insecurity got me no benefits. Plan your career carefully and try to manage all uncertain moments and risk factors effectively. You can look for people who are successful in their business and are willing to share some advice with you.

3. You ask for bonuses and benefits too early.

You may think that every working day should bring you a raise or bonuses/benefits, but your employer certainly does not share your views. Be realistic and act according to a strategy and not spontaneously. Don't think that if a colleague gets a raise, you will too.

4. You are not ambitious enough.

Following the same routine doesn't bring you career development but stagnation. We all have the ability to develop, but it requires a lot of determination and ambition. You have to leave your comfort zone once in a while.

5. You are easily influenced by office gossip.

This situation is actually similar to no. 1 (“Following someone else’s career path”), but in this case, you are dealing with fake information. Remember that part of the office gossip is strategically spread to test employees.

I wish you all wise decisions for your career.

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