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3 Reasons Why Some People Hate Team Building Events

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

A discussion with an HR Manager who organizes yearly team-building within a corporation determined me to write this article. Team building is the largest company event that enables employees to strengthen their relationships, improve communication and mutual trust. It requires teamwork to solve the tasks.

But not everyone has a positive opinion about these events.

1. “Is there a problem within the team? A simple team building cannot make my work better. I spend 40 h/week with these people, another 48 h do not bring magic into play.”

If the team is effective, communicates well and meets deadlines, some employees will not find the meaning for team buildings. Not everyone’s life gravitates around work, private life is also part of the day. For some, work is just an easy way to earn money and nothing more. It depends on each individual how he/she motivates himself/herself at the workplace and it depends on the managers how he/she keeps this motivation alive.

2. “The team building activities are not always fun, but childish.”

Not everyone can see the importance of these activities. When you're 20, you'd definitely enjoy ball juggling, but try that at 50 with some annoying back pain.

3. “This activity is not paid for, why should I go?”

This is perhaps the most selfish thought of all three. If some don't enjoy the time with colleagues, they won't want to broaden that feeling either. In the end, it’s not a mandatory activity, but it is?

It is a joint effort of the team building organizer and the HR Manager to unfold the corporate and personal benefits of this event. They should also consider employees who think as in the three cases presented above. It is ideal to raise awareness that the activities are not simple games, but a way to discover others and work together.

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