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We are experts in all phases of the IT Recruitment and Selection, including those that have emerged from the influence of social media on technology development. We help you design and execute a successful recruitment campaign and provide you with the necessary resources to get success in finding the most suitable candidates for open roles as quickly as possible.


Our training is addressed to:


  • Individuals who would like to become IT Recruiters

  • Recruiters who would like to make the transition to IT Recruitment

  • IT Recruiters looking to enhance their skills


Get noticed and hire faster than the competition.

IT Recruitment and Sourcing Strategies

Focus Recruitment offers the following customized Training Sessions for recruiters who want to improve their activity and keep up with the trends of the industry:

  • IT Recruitment strategies

  • IT Sourcing methods

  • IT-specific resume evaluation

  • Explaining the various IT job categories

  • Explaining the main IT technologies, languages and frameworks

  • Suggestions on how to approach IT specialists

  • How to screen and asses IT candidates

  • Interview like a professional

  • Developing methodologies to ensure effectiveness

  • Developing strategies for continuous improvement

  • Modern trends in IT Recruitment

  • The future of IT Recruitment

Coaching Services

If you’d like to partner with us to train you how to make a successful hire, contact us.


Prices are only available on request.


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