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Support for IT Professionals

Our Services

Our services for you include Career Counseling and Networking Solutions.

Career Coaching

Focus Recruitment provides useful support to your IT career by focusing on the development of your strengths, skills and future prospects. Our team can help you develop a personalized career plan to meet your needs and identify the goals and steps you need to take.


We offer the following consulting services:

  • Professional and individual career analysis

  • Understanding your values and professional interests

  • Identification of situations that motivate or discourage you in the workplace

  • Understanding of the impact of role/culture changes

  • Development of a successful career plan

  • Strategy for the search for new job opportunities

  • Research efforts

  • Monitoring the progress of the career plan

Networking Solutions

Modern professional life requires good networking strategies for the growth of every professional.

Come and join Focus Recruitment network: We will keep you constantly updated, in order to offer you the most interesting and promising opportunities. 


You will get the opportunity to meet our local and international clients and introduce yourself as an emerging IT talent or an IT professional with extensive experience. We connect you with local or international companies in the IT industry, to build up your network of acquaintances and create relationships with colleagues and specialists.

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