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Reality Behind an Interview: What I Never Told IT Candidates

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Every interview is different – whether face to face, on the phone or via Skype - and I learn something new every time I speak to a candidate. I get to know IT specialists and they get to make a first impression about me.

Sometimes I have the feeling that after an interview much remains unsaid on both sides. Here are some personal impressions that I have never shared with IT candidates after an interview.

  • I want you to be likeable. I want you to smile, make eye contact and not be afraid of my presence. I am here to offer a great opportunity, not to judge you or find your flaws. Making a good first impression will strengthen you in front of other candidates and I always share with my clients the overall impression you have made and they will act accordingly.

  • Was that a monologue or a dialogue? If you don't talk to me or I just get yes/no answers, I get suspicious. First, I question my techniques, but I adjust them the next second, so it’s not my fault. The second thought crossing my mind is that you don’t really want this job and wander why you're wasting everyone's time.

  • Show some interest in the job opportunity. I expect you to do a little research about the hiring company and its team. I would like to make sure that my job offer suits you well. I need to know what attracts you to the team or project and learn about the technologies you like best. I need to understand your career plans and align them with my clients' policies.

  • I want to remember every candidate. I admit that I don't remember every detail we talked about, but I always write down facts and impressions. Give me a reason to pick you up from the crowd.

  • Why are you so negative? Why do you complain about your employer, your colleagues, your work schedule or even state politics? If I don't remember every positive aspect about you, I'm sure I'll remember this negative one.

  • And last, but not least – I like jokes. I’m not a sad person, I enjoy life and I like to laugh. I want to enjoy talking to you. I reach to my highest level of communication skills after having relaxed the atmosphere with jokes. I know this is the first contact, but try to stay relaxed, because I have never eaten anyone alive. Yes, that was a joke...

I have also collected feedback on my interview techniques from former candidates, as I want to constantly improve my approach.

I have spoken to so many wonderful people and can hardly wait to meet others!

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