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Freelancing: Do You Like Café Working?

Freelancers can determine their work schedule and location themselves. That is the most pleasant part of freelancing. You can work from home, from a hotel, from a park and even a café. But is the café working style effective? Let’s take a closer look.

The positive aspects of café working are:

  • You can get away from your routine and find new inspirations.

  • You can overhear conversations and opinions that give you a new perspective on things.

  • If you have others around you who also work, you will also be motivated to work.

  • You can interact with others and don’t feel alone like home.

  • You can meet nice people.

  • You could even set up your own "work-group".

The negative aspects of café working are:

  • You can't sit in a café and work without ordering something.

  • The prices of the café are higher than the usual ones.

  • After you have finished your coffee, it’s time to leave the table.

  • Some cafés have problems with the Wi-Fi network.

  • Other café customers may seem loud and you may not be able to concentrate well on your work.

  • You wouldn't be able to enjoy all the conversations and opinions you overheard.

  • Strangers try to socialize with you, distracting your attention from your work.

It is up to each freelancer to choose his/her working style. What is suitable for me, might not be a good fit for your way of working. Freelancers can test many working environments, make scenery changes until they find out where they are happier and more productive. As for myself, I don't like to hear some weird conversations from strangers, so working at the café isn't on my list.

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