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Employers Globally Struggle to Find IT Specialists with the Right Skills

Finding IT specialists with the right skills can sometimes be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Recruiters should be able to identify and appreciate what they consider to be the perfect match of the skills, abilities and personal qualities required by the role. Employers always identify the key priorities when starting a hiring process and look not only for technical skills but also for soft skills.

Typically, a new IT role requires the following:

  • Completed technical studies: A technical degree after long-term studies always counts for more than a 3-week/month course. Non-technical IT staff is difficult to integrate and employers think about the impact on colleagues in terms of pay and competence.

  • A certain level of experience: It is better to hire an experienced candidate, but it is also important to look out for people with potential and give them the chance to grow.

  • Essential skills: 2 or 3 technical skills are always mandatory for each IT role. Employers often choose between someone with a wealth of experience in a particular IT area or someone with a broader experience in a more IT area but less in-depth knowledge

  • A particular attitude that can be only be identified during the interview: Cultural suitability cannot be assessed by screening a CV. The attitude will have a significant impact on the company culture.

Employers are redefining recruitment techniques worldwide and developing new ways to attract the right IT staff. Most current IT roles did not exist a few years ago and therefore need a different approach. Profiles that stand out from the crowd are "chased" by recruiters and HR managers nationally and internationally.

The right skills are not necessarily about the key techniques, but also about fitting in a team. You can be an expert in your field, but if you're not willing to share your knowledge with other colleagues, it's a red flag for the employer. Of course, some weaknesses can be improved and upgraded in time, as these aspects are trainable:

  • Problem-solving

  • Empathy

  • Critical thinking

  • Initiation of change

  • Adaptability

And last but not least, many recruitment processes fail due to the salary expectations of IT specialists. A too much higher or lower salary demand is an issue for the negotiation process. People usually opt for the national average pay package, but there are still individuals who overestimate or underestimate themselves. Employers worldwide are willing to pay more for an outstanding IT specialist, but there is always someone who demands a lower salary and they sometimes wait too much for this person to apply for the job.

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